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Video Production Companies

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It is important to understand the difference firstly between video production companies in Johannesburg and film production companies in Johannesburg. They may seem similar but actually offer very different services and have very different clients. Not only do they serve different clients but their outlook on productions are very different as the final product mostly has a completely different purpose.

Understanding corporate video production

While it may seem as straight forward as simply recording and editing video productions, there a lot of different ways that a video production can be handled and there also many different components to the production service which can affect the outcome of the video.


Types Of Video Service

Scene of people being interviewd on camera

There are quite a few different types of video services delivered by corporate video production Johannesburg companies. As much as corporate would imply that only corporate clients would be served, that is in fact not the case. Many of the video production services provide a range of offerings from training videos to marketing and event videos. There are even those who would do music videos.

Techniques Used By professional Video Companies

The ability to make a video or video production is not just in the ability to hold a camera steady or cut it to fit the intended message. The video tricks and techniques can and do play a major part in changing a video from basic nonsense to a professional video production.

Video Production Services Vs DIY


Man holding real of film for movie production

While many are trying to overcome financial constraints from tight budgets, there are those who are tempted to go DIY. When is it appropriate and even recommended to go DIY with video? Some would say never do it but there can be opportunities for relatively skilled individuals to make an addition to their marketing with home spun video.This includes selfie videos for business marketing.

What Does Video production Cost and How To Get It Done.

The price of a professional video can range wildly from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand depending on a number of factors which not only affect how the video looks but what it achieves.